Robert John Kost


Transformation Agent



The rapid change to businesses brought on by even 'ordinary' digital technology represents either a challenge or an opportunity to your business.  How do you make use of the new capabilities and information that these technologies provide?  How does it change the relationship with your customers, partners or suppliers?  What is your strategic plan, your marketing plan, your sales and operation plan?  How do you make the plan work?  How do you build these new capabilities?

As someone who has helped many Fortune 500 customers with these very same issues, I believe can help your company. I can facilitate a common vision and shared understanding of business strategy, capability and information across many perspectives.  I can render a ÒblueprintÓ for action, planning and leading technology initiatives to conclusion, drawing on the skills of marketers, architects, engineers and project managers.  I can communicate and advocate the initiatives throughout the company and help sell the vision to board members, customers and partners.  I can even help you profitably operate it.

I am an entrepreneur and technology innovator, a strategist, leader, lawyer, business analyst, marketer and a certified business architect.  I have a systems-level understanding of relevant technologies, a powerful analytic and communicative ability and an insightful creativity.  These enable me to help companies (including my own) find new ways to do business using technology.  IÕve done it for my own companies and for many others. I believe I can do it for yours.







IÕm looking for a VP or C-level position in Digital, Strategy, Marketing or Business Development in a small to mid-sized company that genuinely wants to make technology integral to its business strategy.   I want to help develop, implement and operate the strategy, ÒowningÓ a revenue stream and P&L line.   I enjoy working with smart, optimistic and idealistic people who genuinely care about what they are doing.



Founder and partner of Thematix, a business architecture and semantic technology consultancy, serving financial services, travel, retail and entertainment.  Consult to a wide variety of fortune 1000 clients on business transformation; most recently, Nordea (the largest bank in Scandinavia), Sotheby's (auctions), Disney and Wells Fargo Securities.


Founded and built a New York-based, venture-backed, travel booking system Ð Portaga, the first of its kind multi-supplier-connect that used the Outlook and Google calendars for drag-and-drop travel management.  It was also the first mobile booking engine.  Aimed at underserved small to mid-size business market.

Co-founded and built a public company -- US Interactive (Nasdaq: USITQ), a 'digital agency' to Fortune 500 clientele, such as American Express, UPS, RCA, Toshiba and Royal Caribbean.  Built and ran strategic consulting group and later New York operations.

Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University, teaching a graduate school course in systems and business modeling, covering everything from philosophical foundations to org theory to UML.  Students were in a grad program on communications, culture and technology.

Started a career in digital technology at Prodigy (an IBM, Sears, CBS company and precursor to the internet).   Senior Counsel and Product Director.  Wrote and filed a pioneer patent.  Designed a B2B online service working with D&B and Mead Data Central.

US Congressional Office of Technology Assessment.  Ground-breaking reports on technology and intellectual property.